Cycling4aCure is back with new partners, new direction, and new initiatives! Within the next five months we will raise $10,000 and donate 30+ bicycles to children battling cancer. But we need YOUR help! Tell me more…

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Inspired by the cancer diagnosis of his grandmother in 2011, Patrick Acker co-founded Cycling4aCure raising funds for cancer research and counseling by crossing the country on his bicycle. The journey took 46 days, covered 3,342.4 miles, and encountered 125-degree temperatures. Over $17,000 was raised on their first trip.

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Who benefits?

Donations will continue to benefit Cycling4aCure’s fiscal sponsor, Cindy’s Hope Chest, a cancer support network based out of Charlotte, NC specializing in counseling for individuals with cancer. Donations will also help the organization donate bikes to children’s cancer hospitals.
Tell me more…

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“In 2013, Cycling4aCure raised over $17,000 benefitting cancer research and patient support.”

…our  latest  news…


Virginia Tech fraternity Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), Theta Delta chapter, has selected Cycling4aCure as their official philanthropy!

Within the next five months, our team will donate 20 bikes to kids with cancer, raise $10,000 for Cindy’s Hope Chest, and complete a 200-mile, 3-day cycling tour from Blacksburg, VA to Charlotte, VA!

The first event of our partnership is a campaign called “20 days, 20 bikes.” This event will result in the donation of 20 bicycles to kids with cancer in Charlotte, Roanoke, and Richmond Children’s Cancer hospitals.

With the upcoming “season of giving,” we hope to receive your support in this new campaign!

Check out our Facebook page and this website for future updates!

Thank you for your continued support!


We are a growing company with a focus on the future. Our mission is to inspire and motivate those battling cancer while also building leaders through the course of our business. Read More.


Our first cross country trip has played a major role in carrying us forward. Learn more about our trip across the USA here! Our Story.

Lend a hand

Every dollar donated can be traced to helping someone battling cancer. Donate a bike, other items, or help pay for testing, today! Lend a Hand.